A conversation with David

Conversation with David

Less than ten years ago David had not heard about the Camino. Now he's planning for his 5th. And that's not his only connection to the Camino. If you're curious about David's story, read our conversation! Please tell us a bit about yourself. My name is David and I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I love to write, … Continue reading A conversation with David

Yes. You do know some Spanish already

You are planning your Camino de Santiago. If it's the first one, you probably have tons of questions: How much should I train? What mochila should I get? How much stuff should I pack? What are the perfect shoes? Should I get a guidebook or maybe an app? Should I learn some Spanish? Most of … Continue reading Yes. You do know some Spanish already

Your words

A couple of weeks ago I asked the following question on Facebook: If you could only learn 5 Spanish words or phrases for the Camino, what would they be? I got many answers. The 2 most popular words were por favor (please) and gracias (thank you), closely followed by ¿Cuánto cuesta? (How much is it?) and vino tinto (red … Continue reading Your words

A conversation with Susan

conversation with Susan

Susan had been longing to walk the Camino Francés for a long time but she had to put it off a couple of times due to different problems. She finally planned it for September 2016... only to find out that it was not possible again! She was very disappointed, but... she came across the Camino … Continue reading A conversation with Susan

A conversation with Kelli (II)

conversation with kelli second part

This is the second part of my conversation with Kelli, an American woman who moved to Spain a few months ago, after walking the Camino Francés last year. Last week, you could read all about Kelli’s experience on the Camino with her teenage daughter (if you missed the first part, you can check it here). … Continue reading A conversation with Kelli (II)