My name is María and I live on the Camino.

I also happen to be a teacher.

I’ve been teaching Spanish for over 10 years now, although that was not my initial plan.

Yes; I was into teaching. But teaching Spanish to people from all over the world didn’t occur to me. Until I went to Ireland to improve my English and complete my teaching training.

I “had to” teach Spanish. And I loved it. I loved it so much that I decided to take a few extra courses to specialise in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and I stayed in Ireland for many years, teaching Spanish in different settings.

While I was abroad I didn’t think much about the Camino. But now I am back home. I see pilgrims passing by almost every day and I feel the Camino calling me.

Everybody talks about the physical and mental challenges they overcome, the acts of kindness from total strangers, the bonding with fellow pilgrims… it is a life-changing experience and I’m ready for it now.

While I prepared for it, and in the spirit of the Camino, I thought I would help future pilgrims by teaching them some Spanish, as I believe that having at least some basic knowledge of Spanish will make your Camino better.


Kate Fisher, from Conversations with Kate, helps English language learners improve their English through casual conversations. On her podcast, she talks to guests from all over the world.

When we had this conversation, Kate was planning to do the Camino Portugués, so we talk a lot about the Camino.

You can listen here.
 Miranda is a teacher.

She helps multilingual families like mine support our children’s literacy skills at home, to nurture a bond with their culture, their identity and their loved ones.

If you would like to know me a bit better, you can read our conversation here.