Let me help you learn the Spanish you need for the Camino!

Join the Spanish for the Camino Challenge

Are you annoyed by those “useful-phrases” lists you can find in travel guides? Can you pronounce any of those words? Would you understand anyone who spoke back to you?

I have the solution! Join the Challenge and at the end of 2 weeks you will be able to pronounce any Spanish word you see. And you will be able to understand more when people talk to you in Spanish.

More info: Spanish for the Camino Challenge


Camino food guide




Food matters on the Camino. A short guide on what, where

and when to eat on the Camino.

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Learn Spanish on the Camino

Would you like to learn or improve your Spanish while walking the Camino? Join me and Maria Ortega on our Camino Inglés. We will be walking and talking for six days (April 28 to May 4, 2019), from Ferrol to Santiago (…and you will be eligible to get a Compostela).

More info: Walking and Talking the Camino

About the English Way: El Camino Inglés


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