It's the end of September. Es otoño (it's autumn). However, the temperatures this week have been very high, so it still feels a lot like summer. It gets a bit chilly early in the mornings and then again in the evenings but quite hot during the central hours of the day. ¡Hace calor! (it's hot!). It's always … Continue reading Gazpacho

Tortilla de patatas

tortilla de patatas

What's the first dish that comes to mind when you think about typical Spanish food? Hands up those who are thinking "paella"! Well, paella is very popular. But it's not a typical Spanish dish. Paella is really a creation of Valencian cuisine -the region of Valencia is on the Mediterranean coast. Every region in Spain … Continue reading Tortilla de patatas

La tarta de Santiago

tarta de Santiago

Galicia is well known for its gastronomy. Pescado (fish) and marisco (seafood) are one of its main culinary attractions. You can read a bit about it and learn how to prepare pulpo á feira in this previous post. But there's more than fish and seafood. If there is one traditional dish that also symbolises the … Continue reading La tarta de Santiago

Pulpo á feira

Galicia has a coastline of close to 1,500 km. So it's only natural that pescado (fish) and marisco (shellfish) are the stars of Galician cuisine. From mejillones (mussels) and merluza (hake) to chipirones (baby squid) or the expensive percebes (goose barnacles), there is a wide variety of sea produce to choose from. But if I … Continue reading Pulpo á feira

Tengo alergia a…

The Camino de Santiago is for many a life-changing experience that takes you out of your comfort zone: you are in a foreign land where they speak a different language... and they eat differently too! It can be a wonderful opportunity to try new foods and discover new flavours that you may later try to … Continue reading Tengo alergia a…